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What is a Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer?

A smart wireless meat thermometer is Bluetooth-enabled and pairs with your phone or a receiver, so you can cook all kinds of meat to perfection while monitoring it from your smart phone or device of your choice. The temperature displayed on your phone screen allows you to monitor and control the entire cooking process anytime, anywhere.

These leave-in digital thermometers can be placed inside cuts of meat for hours at a time, allowing you to track the rise in internal temperature and ambient cooking temperatures through your phone. When your target temperature is reached, signals are sent to your device to let you know that your piece of meat is already perfectly cooked.

How does a Smart Wireless Thermometer Work?

 As its name suggests, this meat thermometer will be the simplest smart cooking device you meet on the market! All you need to do is set it up through your smartphone, and you are ready to go! Here are simple instructions on how to conveniently use the new smart thermometer: 

  1. Charge your wireless probe in the charger and take it out 
  2. Connect the probe to the application on your smart phone (if there is one)
  3. Insert the probe about ½ inch deep into the piece to get a correct reading
  4. Set a cooking method and desired doneness level in your app 
  5. Cook the meat while you wait for the app to notify you when your meat is done! 

All you have to do is adjust it for a bit, and sit down while your meat probe monitors the temperature throughout the cooking process. Once it’s done, you can simply remove the probe from the meat, and enjoy your meal!

Wireless vs. Wired Thermometers 

If you are new to the world of cooking, you may be confused about the differences between wired thermometers and wireless thermometers. And if you have been in the grilling business for a long time, you may still be hesitant about the decision to use a new wireless thermometer for your backyard barbecues, instead of the classic wired thermometer you have had for years. 

Let us take a quick look at how the two of them are and what might be a better choice for you! 

Wireless Thermometer

Wired Thermometer 

No wire or anything attached, just the probe to stick on the meat

Probe with cable and a receiver that will be placed around the cooking place (may cause hazardous issues)

No wire interference when taking out the meat

Wire might cause interference when taking the meat out

Bluetooth and/or WiFi network connectivity

May or may not have Bluetooth or WiFi network connectivity 

Two temperature sensors: one for the internal temperature and one for the ambient temperature

One sensor that read the only internal temperature

Probes are individuals and not connected to one another

One receiver may connect to dual probes

Higher sale price and limited options

Lower sale price with many options 

Easily washable

Wires might or might not be able to be detached, so must be careful in cleaning it


Overall, both wired thermometers and wireless thermometers have their own advantages and limitations. However, if you are considering buying a wireless thermometer, the flexibility and smart features might be one of the most attractive points for you to think about. 

Benefits of Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Still not convinced about a wireless meat thermometer? Aside from being wireless, this wireless probe is actually so much more than just easy connectivity. Our brand, The MeatStick, has worked to perfect our meat thermometers and provide the best features for our customers. Throughout our development, we have learned that a smart meat thermometer can ensure: 

Accessibility. Most wireless thermometers have a compact and lightweight design that allows the user to take the device anywhere and use it in any cooking environment. If you have all the functions to set the cooking process on your smartphone, you can easily select the desired temperature depending on the pieces of meat or cooking method. 

Flexibility. Bluetooth compatibility lets you monitor the cooking progress of your meat from most places in your home,and with optional access to a WiFi connection, you even have an unlimited indoor range and outdoor range. You can even check the temperature of the brisket you’ve been roasting for hours in your backyard from your couch! 

Food Safety. Cooking meat within the proper temperature ranges is also essential to human health. For beef, it's always recommended to pick your preferred doneness level, but other types of meat like chicken or pork that are undercooked cangive you nightmares. With preset temperatures in the settings, wireless meat thermometers can help you reach the right target temperature while monitoring the actual cooking temperature. 

Waste Prevention. It's always very difficult to achieve the perfect consistency or degree of cooking, and missing the right time to remove your meat can lead to overcooking or drying out the meat. With a smart wireless thermometer, you can avoid your meat from becoming too dry and tough meat, and you will not have to throw away all your unsuccessful attempts. 

Getting the Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for you!

Now that you know that life in the kitchen will be so much easier and happier with a wireless meat thermometer, it’s time to choose this smart device for yourself that suits your needs, and The MeatStick is ready to help you make your choices!

MeatStick - Our reliable MeatStick is the first wireless meat thermometer designed specifically for American barbecue. With its ability to withstand high temperatures in the smoker or the grill, it's the perfect choice for you if you like to cook larger cuts of meat, like brisket or chuck!  

MeatStick X  

Mini- Our minimalist Mini is the world’s smallest meat thermometer, but it's also no less than MeatStick! Mini is more for everyday cooking, where it will help you prepare the juiciest steak or the most tender fish on your cast-iron.  

MeatStick MiniX

Both our MeatStick and Mini have their own specialties, but they have these special key features you do not want to miss:

  • Built with dual temperature sensors: one measures the internal meat temperature and another for ambient cooking temperatures
  • Stainless steel probe with a heat-resistant ceramic handle that can withstand high heat - from searing in a cast iron pan to full immersion in a deep-fryer
  • Bluetooth connectivity to monitor temperatures during long cooking sessions via your mobile device 
  • IOS / Android device friendly mobile application
  • Customizable temperature warning options and built-in recipe programs for meat dishes with preset temperature selections from a wide temperature range, plus a cloud to store all your own cooking logs for different meats. 
  • Up to 24+ hours cook times and rechargeable battery life

If you have an outdoor grill or smoker that is quite far from your house, you might also want to get our WiFi Bridge to extend the wireless range of our products!  WiFi Bridge will help to extend the accessibility of your MeatStick or Mini even further and track the temperature rise without having to stand near the grill.

Have you decided which The MeatStick you want now?Psst, keep checking back on our website to discover more promo codes we have for you!

Written by Janette Williams & Roxanne Chang





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