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Hassle-free Texas Style Smoked Brisket Recipe

Last week, we were all busy getting ready for the traditional turkey. Now that the rush of Black Friday is over its that time of the year to throw the Mesquite into the pit along with a nice piece of beef brisket as most good Texans reading us would do. 

Texas Smoked Brisket on a Wooden Tablet with a Fork and BBQ Sauce

Btw, do you know the difference between a standard brisket and the Texan counterpart? easy, is all about the cut itself...

When you go to your local butcher, meats labeled as ‘brisket’ come from the breast section just below the chuck (there are two per carcass), and consists of two distinct areas separated by a layer of fat. The point or deckle is the richly marbled, fatty section that sits on top of the flat, the bigger, leaner bottom section. Texan brisket, however, is a full, packer cut brisket point and flat intact, usually weighing anywhere from 8 to 12-plus pounds.

We want to share this innovative recipe with you. It is easy and honestly, finger-licking good! First things first, let’s get ready. 

This is what you need:

  • Smoker: You can choose any smoker that withstands 225°F/ 107°C or more.
  • Cutting Board: We definitely need a large cutting board to cut the entire meat.
  • Butcher Paper: During the stall period, our beef brisket should be wrapped in butcher paper.
  • Chef’s Knife: To cut entire meat, we need a perfect, sharp knife.
  • Your MeatStick: The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer in the market. 

The MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set with assorted Veggies, a Glass of Wine and a Smartphone in Pool Area

Cooking Time:

Overall, it takes 10 – 18 hours depending on the thickness of the meat. This is a cook for “low and slow” temperatures (225°F/107°C to 250°F/121°C).
For this recipe The MeatStick WiFi Bridge is the perfect pairing as the Stick has a battery life of up to 24-hours and can easily withstand above-mentioned temperatures, additionally, the WiFi Bridge Set will enable you to get real-time data anywhere you are, so you can actually go about your life while your brisket is cooking! 


  • 1 Whole beef brisket, about 10 – 12 pounds, untrimmed and USDA Choice grade or higher
  • 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt per pound of the meat after trimming
  • 1/3 cup ground black pepper


  1. Trim the fat cap of the brisket. This first step is crucial regarding how the final cook will turn out. Thus, it is essential to trim it properly.
  2. Seasoning is important for the meat before starting to cook. To make this in Texas-style, we need to mix kosher salt, black pepper, and granulated garlic in a small bowl and then rub the meat all over.
  3. Start the smoker and arrange the temperature around 225°F/107°C to 250°F/121°C. It is important to keep the temperature uniform between these degrees throughout the process. It is also important to choose which wood type we use for fueling our smoker for the cook. One of the common practices is to use only hardwoods from nut and fruit bearing trees. We prepared a small table for popular wood types that are commonly used for smoking.Popular Wood Types for Smoking Meat
  4. Before placing the brisket on the smoker, we have to make sure whether our The MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set is set up correctly. Do not forget to choose your cook on The MeatStick app as well, which is smoked beef brisket (in the app, there are many built-in recipes), and then insert The MeatStick thermometer probe inside the brisket properly so that we can get real-time accurate temperature data. Once we place the brisket on a smoker fat side up and then, we can close the lid.
  5. Once we start to smoke, the meat’s internal temperature will steadily increase up to 170°F/76°C, and then it will enter the stall period. The stall may take 5 6 hours, and the temperature may just increase a bit. When the meat reaches the stall and temp stops rising, we need to wrap the brisket with a butcher paper. Crimp it tightly and then put your wrapped brisket on the smoker again. This process is called ‘Texas Crutch’. Thanks to this way, we prevent the meat from cooling down and have the stall. Wrapping meat can reduce the cooking time significantly.
  6. After long hours of smoking, the brisket will be done once the internal temperature reaches 200°F/93°C and 210°F/98°C. You can track and get early alerts once the brisket is reaching the target temperature set via The MeatStick app.
  7. Remove the brisket from the smoker, let it rest up to 2 hours and keep it wrapped until the internal temperature goes down to 140°F/60°C to 145°F/62°C

Crusty Texas beef brisket cut in Pieces on a Plate

*Extra Tip* Pair with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and accompany with a side of Gingery Roasted Butternut Squash & Sweet Potatoes.

Remember, The MeatStick will keep its eyes on your low & slow cook so you can keep yours doing what you like the most, spending time with family & friends.

Whether you are from Texas, or anywhere else, get The MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set today! and start cooking mouthwatering dinners!


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