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Smoked Spatchcock Turkey with A Meat Thermometer

November 26, 2019 2 min read

We can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving, sit down surrounded by our loved ones and start carving down the traditional turkey. 

Btw, if you are curious about the reason why we eat turkey on Thanksgiving, you can check this out.

We asked one of our Brand Ambassadors to share some ideas so you can surprise everybody with a finger-licking dinner!

Big shout-out to @smokeybrosbbq, thanks!



Smoked turkey covering assorted veggies on a tray

Cooking a delicious, juicy turkey is a must for a joyful Thanksgiving day. So, here it is, don't forget to use an accurate wireless meat thermometer, like The MeatStick for example ;).

So, let’s get started.

Instructions for Smoked Spatchcock Turkey Recipe

- Preheat smoker or grill to 350°F/175°C. If you’re using a grill, you will need to set it up for indirect cooking.

- With kitchen shears, remove the spine by cutting along both sides of the backbone starting from the tail bone to the neck until the backbone is completely removed.

- Flip the turkey on to it’s back. Make sure to spread the thighs out so they are laying flat on the cutting board, then press down on the upper breast bone until it cracks. Tuck the wing tips behind the breast so the wing meat cooks evenly.

- Place your turkey on a raised rack or on top of a bed of roughly chopped vegetables, onions and herbs on a baking sheet. Make sure all parts of the turkey are laying as flat and evenly as possible.

- Using a paper towel, wipe away any water or moisture from the skin. This will help the skin get crispy. Next, coat the skin with a light amount of cooking oil or butter. Season the skin with your favorite poultry seasoning or a simple mixture of equal parts kosher salt and black pepper.

- Power on and insert The MeatStick completely into the breast portion of your turkey. Set the recipe to Smoke → Poultry → Whole Turkey, the internal target to 160°F/70°C, and the weight of your bird. Place the baking sheet with the turkey on the grill. Leave it closed for one hour, making sure the grill/smoker temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much on The MeatStick app. After an hour, it’s time to check the skin. If you see cracking or dry spots, spray the bird with cooking spray or baste it with the drippings in the pan. Repeat this every 30 minutes that the turkey remains on the grill. The MeatStick will monitor the internal temperature of the turkey at this point. Once the temperature reaches 160°F/70°C in the thickest part of the breast, the alarm will ring and it’s time to pull off the grill. 

- Rest it for at least 10 minutes before carving.


Smoked turkey covering assorted veggies on a tray with inserted meatstick for thanksgiving day

Get your MeatStick, smart & wireless meat thermometer, now to cook an awesome turkey on Thanksgiving day. Do not disappoint your family dinner on Thanksgiving day!  
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