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10 Must-Try Easy To Make BBQ Dessert Recipes

When it comes to summer BBQ parties, the desserts you serve can make all the difference in creating a memorable and satisfying experience. With these ten refreshing and delicious dessert ideas, you can impress your guests with minimal effort and keep them happy and satisfied. From watermelon granita to grilled pineapples, each dessert offers a unique and delightful flavor profile that captures the essence of summer. So, fire up the grill, enjoy the company of friends and family, and treat them to these irresistible summer desserts that will leave everyone asking for seconds.



1. Watermelon Granita:

    Nothing screams summer more than the juicy goodness of watermelon. Watermelon granita is a light and refreshing dessert that is incredibly simple to make. But before you start making this you need to choose the right watermelon. Choosing a ripe watermelon is easier than most people think it is. Hit the watermelon rind so it makes a thump sound. A ripe watermelon will make a  deep hollow sound when you hit it. At the same time, unripe watermelons will have more of a high-pitched sound. After you chose your watermelon cut it into large chunks. After that blend the fresh watermelon chunks until smooth, then mix in a touch of lime juice and a hint of sugar to enhance the flavors. Pour the mixture into a shallow baking dish and freeze it. Every hour, scrape the mixture with a fork to create a fluffy, icy texture. Serve the granita in chilled glasses for a delightful and cooling treat.

    2. Grilled Pineapples with Coconut Whipped Cream:

      Grilling pineapple brings out its natural sweetness and adds a smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with creamy coconut whipped cream. This fruit is naturally high in sugar so it caramelizes nicely over high heat. Slice fresh pineapple into wedges and grill them on medium-high heat until they have beautiful grill marks. To make the coconut whipped cream, refrigerate a can of coconut milk overnight, then whip the solidified coconut cream with a touch of sweetener until fluffy. Serve the grilled pineapple with a teaspoon of coconut whipped cream for a tropical dessert to impress your guests.


      Photo by Devin Rajaram on Unsplash

      3. Frozen berries:

        Frozen berries are a delightful addition to any dessert. Whether you're looking to create a refreshing treat or enhance the flavors of a dish, frozen berries are a versatile ingredient. Packed with vibrant colors and natural sugars, frozen berries offer the convenience of being available year-round, allowing you to enjoy their taste at any time. From strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to blackberries and mixed berry blends, the variety of frozen berries allows you to explore a wide range of flavors in your culinary creations. Whether you're using them in smoothies, pies, cakes, or as a topping for pancakes or yogurt, frozen berries bring a burst of fruity goodness that is both delicious and convenient. Their frozen state also adds a refreshing and cooling element, making them an ideal choice for hot summer days or whenever you're craving a frozen snack. 


        4. Frozen Yogurt Bark:

          Frozen yogurt bark is a easy to make and customizable dessert that will please everyone. To make this, start by spreading a thick layer of your favorite full-fat yogurt onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Add toppings such as chopped fruits, nuts, granola, or chocolate chips. Freeze the bark until firm, this usually takes 3~5 hours in your freezer but it’s best to leave it overnight for the best results.  Finally, when your frozen yogurt bark is firm you can cut it or break it into small bites sized pieces for everyone to enjoy.


          5. Lemon Bars:

            Lemon bars are a classic dessert that embodies the bright and tangy flavors of summer. Combine a buttery shortbread crust with a lemon filling made from fresh lemon juice and zest. Bake until the filling is set and the edges are golden. Dust the bars with powdered sugar and serve them chilled. The sour and sweet combination will be a crowd-pleaser at any BBQ party.


            Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

            6. Mango Popsicles:

              Popsicles are a quintessential summer treat, and these mango popsicles are a tropical and easy-to-make treat. Blend ripe mangoes with water or coconut milk and a touch of honey or agave syrup for sweetness. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until solid. These vibrant and refreshing popsicles will be a hit among both kids and adults, keeping everyone cool and satisfied.


              7. Grilled Stone Fruit with Balsamic Glaze:

                Grilling stone fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines intensify their natural sweetness and create a caramelized exterior. Cut the fruits in half, remove the pits, and grill them until tender. Drizzle the warm fruit with a balsamic glaze made from reducing balsamic vinegar with a small amount of sugar. You can serve this dessert with a scoop of ice cream or Greek yogurt to enhance its flavors.


                Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

                8. Lime Popsicles:

                  Capture the flavors of classic lime in these creamy and zesty popsicles. Mix key lime juice, water, and sugar to create the filling. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until set. These refreshing treats offer the perfect balance of sweet and tart, providing an easy-to-make, fast and refreshing dessert.


                  9. Summer Berry Trifle:

                    A berry trifle is a show-stopping dessert that's perfect for large BBQ gatherings. Layer sponge cake or ladyfingers with fresh berries and a thick custard or whipped cream. Repeat the layers, and garnish the top with more berries. The trifle can be prepared ahead of time, allowing the flavors to meld together. To make this, combine 1 cup of fresh mixed berries (such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) with 2 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl and let them macerate for about 15 minutes. In a separate bowl, prepare instant vanilla pudding according to the package instructions and let it set. Once the pudding is ready, start layering the trifle. Begin with a layer of cubed pound cake or sponge cake at the bottom of a trifle dish. Add a layer of the macerated berries on top of the cake, followed by a layer of the prepared pudding. Repeat the layers until you reach the top of the dish, finishing with a final layer of berries.  It's a visually appealing and delicious dessert that will impress your guests with minimal effort.



                    10. Coconut Lime Bars:

                      Coconut and lime are a tropical flavor combination that instantly evokes thoughts of summer. This treat relies heavily on the flavors of the lime and coconut, so it’s best to use the freshest fruit available for the best flavor. These coconut lime bars feature a buttery coconut crust topped with a tangy lime filling. To make these you need to combine graham cracker crumbs with melted butter and press the mixture firmly into the bottom of a greased 9x9-inch baking dish to create the crust. In a separate bowl, mix sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, lime zest, and shredded coconut until well combined. Pour the filling mixture over the crust, spreading it evenly. Bake the bars at 350°F (175°C) for approximately 25-30 minutes, or until the filling is set and the edges are lightly golden. Allow the bars to cool completely before cutting them into squares or bars, and optionally, serve with a dusting of powdered sugar or a dollop of whipped cream, topped with a sprinkle of lime zest for garnish. The result is a creamy, sour dessert with a delightful tropical twist.


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