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Achieve Perfect Sous Vide Results Every Time With The MeatStick

Sous vide can take hours or even days. During this time there are many things that can happen that might affect the outcome of your sous vide. From your sous vide machine turning off and leaving you with a bag of rotten meat to just having peace of mind when you need to go away from your sous vide machine for extended periods of time. Here are the biggest reasons why you need to use The MeatStick wireless thermometer when you sous vide your meat. 

The MeatStick wireless thermometer being used for sous vide

NY strip steak sous vide with The MeatStick 

What is Sous Vide Cooking? 

Sous vide is a cooking technique that involves vacuum sealing food in a plastic pouch, then immersing it in a precision-controlled water bath to cook. The water is heated to the exact temperature needed properly and evenly cook the food. With sous vide, you can achieve consistent, restaurant-quality results every time. It works especially well for cooking meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables, yielding exceptionally tender and juicy food that retains moisture and flavor incredibly well. The vacuum sealing and precise temperature control give sous vide an advantage over other cooking methods.

What is The MeatStick Wireless Thermometer?

The MeatStick is a wireless smart thermometer that transforms how you cook meat by providing precise real-time temperature monitoring and control. This Bluetooth and WiFi-connected device pairs with the MeatStick app on your iOS or Android phone, enabling you to track both the internal and ambient temperatures of your meal. 

MeatStick 4X

Your Machine Might Turn Off Mid-Cook:

Long sous vide cooks like pork shoulders that require 18-24 hours at 145°F can be risky if your immersion circulator fails mid-cook. A power outage or malfunctioning unit shutting off means you'll likely end up with a bag of rotten meat instead of a tender, juicy pork shoulder. That's why The MeatStick is so valuable for sous vide. Its wireless connectivity and long battery life gives you uninterrupted temperature monitoring even if your sous vide machine stops working. The MeatStick will send an alert straight to your phone letting you know of ambient temperature drops. You'll have time to troubleshoot your circulator or transfer bags to another water bath if needed. The MeatStick gives you temperature data and peace of mind so you can step away from marathon cooks without fear of equipment failures ruining the end result. 


Save Your Time: 

MeatStick will help speed up cook times for foods like small cuts of meat. Rather than relying on the broad time ranges often given in recipes, The MeatStick allows you to monitor the internal temperature in real-time and remove your food from the heat at the exact moment it reaches your desired doneness.

For example, a recipe may tell you to cook steak anywhere from 1-4 hours for medium rare. But with the precision of the MeatStick, you'll know precisely when the center hits your target temp of 130°F for medium-rare. This will shave a couple of hours from the total cooking time for smaller cuts of meat. 

Monitor your sous vide from a distance:

You usually sous vide meat for a long period. While you can get away with leaving the proximity of your meat for a couple of hours, if you leave to go away from your meat for too long as stated earlier so many things can happen. However, if you wanna go away for long periods of time without worrying about your cut of meat you can use The MeatStick for this. With MeatStick 4X and Chef X you can monitor your meat from up to 650 ft away or if you have the  WiFi Bridge  extend the monitoring range indefinitely. As long as you have an internet connection you can see the temperature readings of your meat and see if there is anything going wrong. This will give you ease of mind when you have to leave your sous vide for long periods of time. 

WiFi Bridge

Searing your meat after the Sous Vide:

Many chefs and home cooks like to sear their meats after sous vide them because it gives them an amazing and crunchy crust. You already spend much time doing it when you sous vide meat. You don’t want to perfectly sous vide your meat and then ruin it when you’re pan-searing it. With The MeatStick probe in your meat, you can take it out from the hot water bath and put it on your pan to sear. After this, you can monitor the internal temperature of your meat so you won’t overcook it and ruin it. 


The MeatStick is the ultimate sous vide companion, making it easy to achieve tender, juicy, and flavorful results every time. Its wireless convenience and notifications give you complete confidence that your sous vide creation will turn out just right. Take your sous vide cooking to the next level with The MeatStick by your side. If you want a demo of how a Sous Vide check out this  video of a sous vide Picanha using the Chef X. Both The MeatStick 4 and Chef are sous vide friendly. All you have to do is stick the probe into your meat and seal it. The Chef has a battery life of 18+ hours and The MeatStick 4 has a battery life of 70+ hours so you don’t have to worry about the probe running out of battery midway through cooking. 


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