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Most Versatile: The MeatStick X Wireless Grill Thermometer

Of course, you want your thermometer to perform well on the grill, but the MeatStick can do much, much more. Because it’s truly wireless, it can be used with a rotisserie, and because it’s waterproof, it can be used inside a sous vide bag. It can also handle high temperatures with ease. The internal sensor can handle up to 212 degrees—which is the maximum it will encounter when it’s fully inserted in meat. The ceramic handle sensor that measures the ambient temperature can handle up to a whopping 572 degrees. Thanks to that high threshold, not only can it handle oven and grill temperatures with ease, but it can also be used in a deep fryer.

It’s hard to imagine a situation this thermometer can’t handle. The MeatStick X also includes an app that not only monitors the temperature and sends alerts, but also helps with cooking. The stick’s battery can operate for up to 24 hours before it needs to recharge in its holder, so you'll be set for long cooks. And when the job is done, it’s dishwasher safe so it’s ready for its next job.