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All-in-One Grill Brands Comparison Guide

Traeger, Weber, Pit Boss, Char-Broil, or even a Green Egg? Perfect meat is possible with all of those but they offer different benefits and features.

Whether you grill with a Traeger, Weber, Pit Boss, Char-Broil, or even a Green Egg, the secret to achieving the perfect meat is possible through each grill’s unique and different benefits and features!

Do you want your grill to be a high-end multi-functional smoker or the classic natural way of grilling to cook your beef?

Do you prefer high-end multi-functional smokers? Or the classic natural style grill to braise your meat ?

The huge availability on the grill market makes it hard to keep the overview and you might as well struggle whether they will work with The MeatStick.

The wide variety of grills available on the market make it a struggle to choose the right grill for you, and the right grill best compatible with your MeatStick.

We will answer those questions and give you a detailed insight into what you should look out for when deciding to buy The MeatStick, a grill, or both.

Let’s dive in and answer some questions you may have when buying The MeatStick, and choosing the right grill best compatible for your MeatStick to achieve the perfect cook.

Compatibility with The MeatStick

  • Traeger is fully compatible with The MeatStick but enhances the already built-in tech through more precise temperature control.
  • Weber grills are also compatible with The MeatStick, especially their lower-end grills benefit from the additional tech which gives you a detailed overview of your cooks.
  • Green Mountain also harmonizes(synchronizes) great with the surveillance of The MeatStick tuning the temperature control of those high-tech grills.
  • Green Egg lacks any technical assistancewhich means it is highly compatible withThe MeatStick.
  • Char-Broil’s are very “forgiving” grills that become even easier by using The MeatStick. Depending on the model they come with WiFi and other features that guarantee you succeed in hosting the next BBQ.
  • Kamado Joe is like Green Egg lacking any technical frills. Upgrading this grill with a MeatStick is a good choice.(will take its grilling capabilities one step higher)  
  • Pit Boss is fully compatible with The MeatStick and can increase the value of the grills in terms of WiFi connection and better(optimal) temperature control.

Max Temp Resistance

  • Traeger can withstand temperatures up to 450°F/232°C.
  • Weber grills are maxed out between 500°F/260°C and 550°F/287°C.
  • Green Mountain grills can reach up to 500°F/260°C.
  • Green Egg grills get very hot and easily reach temperatures exceeding 575°F/300°C.
  • Char-Broil states on their website that high-temp will reach up to 550°F/287°C.
  • Kamado Joe reaches the highest temperature with 750°F/398°C.
  • Pit Boss grills can reach up to 500°F/260°C.

Power Resources

  • Traeger is known for its own pellet chip system offering a wide range of flavors. Full smokey flavor by highest convenience.
  • Weber offers any grill type from wood pellets to portable grills from charcoal to gas. From charcoal to gas, to wood pellets and portable grills,  the Weber works for any grill type!
  • Green Mountain also invented their own wood pellet chip system which is an inconvenience but still provides maximum adjustable taste. (idk maximum taste)
  • Green Egg  runs on charcoal and is a real classic. The eggs are perfect for those who look to smoke their meat the old fashioned way.
  • Char-Broil is another company that offers all grill types- including a hybrid version combining gas and charcoal to unite the advantages of both.
  • Kamado Joe is a Green Egg believing in the good old charcoal as fuel and provides high-temperature old school cooking. 
  • Pit Boss runs on pellet wood chips or charcoal.


  • Traeger addresses both absolute beginners as well as professionals. “Set-it & Forget-It” is the motto. In combination with The MeatStick, it is very easy to shine.
  • Weber offers a wide range for beginners and pros as you can look up on theirwebsite. If you're a newbie try to add The MeatStick for maximum control.
  • Green Mountain pretty much aims for the same target-group as Traeger and is distinctively suitable for all kinds of user-levels.
  • Green Egg grills require some experience and you will most likely fail from time to time. Luckily The MeatStick will not let that happen and guides you through the difficult stages of getting used to your grill.
  • Char-Broil addresses absolute beginners. They claim to produce the most-forgiving grills, and we agree with that. Not only are they very easily accessible but also are you going to have an easy time cleaning up.
  • Kamado Joe is also very hard to encounter if you're a novice. But with practice and technical support, it is possible to handle it. 
  • Pit Boss grills offer the option to be run in different modes. Parted in smoking, searing, and normal grilling, those make it very accessible for beginners but are also able to satisfy pros due to the set it & forget it mentality. 


  • Traegergrills will last you a long time. Due to cast iron and cold-rolled steel they were built to last. One time invested in a Traeger you will most likely use it for at least a decade.
  • Weber comes with porcelain enamel coated steel ensuring a rust-free and heat-efficient grilling experience. The material manages heat very well and makes the clean-up process very easy.
  • Green Mountain grills are manufactured out of stainless steel and offer superior quality. 200 pounds is a lot of weight but that's the price for it.
  • Green Egg grills are out of porcelain glazed ceramic. Long-lasting and perfect for juicy meats are the core principles of the green grills.
  • Char-Broil grates are porcelain-coated while the rest of the grill consists of easy-to-clean and long-lasting materials.
  • Kamado Joe grills can smoke, bake, roast, sear and grill. Thanks to ceramic they are all-round-talents. But be careful they get very hot! 
  • Pit Boss grills are either composed out of cast iron or steel. Those compounds ensure high quality and long durability. 


  • Traeger uses their own WiFire-Technology making you able to remote access your grill from anywhere at any time. You can also connect to your smart home devices.
  • Weber either offers Wifi-integrated grills or you can upgrade your grill by investing in the grilling-smart hub turning every grill into a smart grill.
  • Green Mountain provides WiFi service through its app and makes you able to control your grill with your smartphone.
  • Green Egg grills don't come with a preinstalled WiFi-system. You have to buy the Egg Genius which turns your grill into a smart egg.
  • Char-Broil is able to make your grill connect with your smartphone using the SmartChef application.
  • Kamado Joe’s iKamand is able to turn your Kamado Joe into a slow & low powerhouse which you can control comfortably with your smartphone. 
  • Pit Boss Platinum Series offer a WiFi connection in combination with the smartphone app. Using this setup allows you to control your grill from a distance and makes you more independent. 


  • Traeger’s pellet grills can either be placed in your garden or on your balcony but. They are quite big though so make sure you have enough space.
  • Weber offers a whole range from small to huge grills. You will definitely find a grill that fits into your plans.
  • Green Mountain grills are huge. Even though they offer a small version you should calculate in more space.
  • Green Egg grills benefit from their form and will fit nearly everywhere. If you need it smaller you can choose from different sizes.
  • Char-Broil’s product range is so huge. You won't miss any size that will fit your needs.
  • Kamado Joe grills resemble Green Egg. Their form makes them very little place-consuming and different sizes can be acquired. 
  • Pit Boss grills are not small. You should be very clear about how much space you need in order to not be disappointed when it reaches your house. 

Additional Cooking Features

  • Traeger grills unite 6 different ways of cooking in one grill which makes them super versatile and multi-functional. You can even bake pizza in the integrated pizza oven.
  • Weber provides durability, longevity, and ease of use crowned by the simple One-Touch-cleaning system.
  • Green Mountain equipped their grills with a 5-degree temp regulation as well as optimized food storage. Last but not least you even get an integrated bottle opener.
  • Green Egg is also known for its huge possibility of application. Grill, smoke or bake there are very few limitations. Precise temp control is able through the patented air-control system.
  • Char-Broil grills are easy to use and convenient. They usually got tons of features like handy side shelves or an integrated heat control with WiFi-support.
  • The Kamado Joe Classic III includes the newest invention by Kamado called SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber to insert. It allows you to smoke foods at the next level due to the fact that smoke is circulating around your food around 20 times more than with other smokers. 
  • Pit Boss is a true all-round-talent. cooking modes, easy cleaning features, and smart-grill features are only a few things that deliver great value to your garden or balcony. 


The MeatStick can be a very powerful extension for your grill no matter the brand.

From the state-of-the-art smart grill Pit Boss, to the classic style Green Egg, The MeatStick can be a very powerful extension of your grill! Achieve perfect cooks every time with The MeatStick, no matter what the grill brand.

In the end, you have to decide if the integrated features provide enough assistance or if you want even more precise and detailed information about your cooks.

In the end, you get to decide which grill works best for you! Integrated features of whichever grill you choose, paired with The MeatStick’s features will guarantee a perfect cook every time.

Especially for grills that do not come packed with high-tech-tools The MeatStick can make the difference between a good and a bad BBQ.