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Mini by TMS

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2 sets to choose from:

The Mini Set includes 1 Green Mini Stick and 1 Mini Charger.

The MiniX Set includes 1 Black Mini Stick and 1 MiniX Charger with a built-in Xtender Bluetooth amplifier device.

The Mini by TMS is deep-fryer, sous-vide, and dishwasher safe, there is almost no cooking method or kind of meat you can't use The Mini with.

The Mini by TMS is small, up to 32% smaller than the most popular wireless meat thermometers out there. The Stick is made with food-grade stainless steel for durability, heat conduction, and high heat tolerance, making it very versatile.

Max. Temperature Resistance: 

  • Ceramic Handle: 572°F/300°C
  • Stainless Steel Probe: 185°F/85°C

*Mini & MiniX Chargers are powered by 2 AA batteries and contain magnets on the back so you can have it placed for easy access in the kitchen. Please note that the chargers do not include batteries.


DO NOT charge Mini Stick with The MeatStick charger. Otherwise, it will damage Mini Stick. Use ONLY Mini/MiniX chargers to charge Mini Stick!



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