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    N. Caruso

    Using technology for better cooking result

    I’m sold on wireless meat thermometers. They work great and are easier to use than traditional “wired” probes. The two I have used allow excellent cooking control via a phone app. I’ve used a Meater probe for several years now and was anxious to compare it to the MeatStick probe. The set I got was the BBQ and Kitchen set. If I had my choice, I think I’d get the one that includes the WiFi Bridge. I suspect I’ll be ordering one of those from MeatStick soon. The kit also comes with a nice carrying case that houses all the necessary parts, and has space for the WiFi Bridge if you get that as well. The kit included two probes, one regular MeatStick and a MeatStick Mini X. The X signifies a wireless repeater that rebroadcasts the signal for greater distances (they claim up to 260 feet). The regular stick has sensors to read both the internal meat temperature as well as the ambient temperature (the air surrounding the meat). The Mini only checks the internal temperature. One huge plus is the ability to operate 8 individual probes at the same time. (The Meater can run up to 4). They claim that the probes are dishwasher safe – I’m not sure how to keep them safely in the dishwasher without getting thrown about by the water, but it speaks to how durable they are. They also claim that these probes will operate safely in either a deep fryer or air fryer. We did use it in an air fryer with great results (see below). The setup was somewhat confusing, particularly since I tried to connect two probes at once and the identifier for each probe was difficult to figure out. I strongly recommend that you watch tutorial videos on their web site. Operating it is pretty straightforward. One difference is that you have to push the button on the receiver to operate it, or even just to charge it. They do warn you not to allow cooking flare-ups to damage the probes. They are protected up to 572 degrees, but a flare-up could go much hotter. The phone app seems more complex than Meater’s with more meat types and options, and it also included a Quick Start mode which simplifies the cook. Meater’s app is easy to use and better informs on status of cook at each moment (shows target, internal and ambient temp – MeatStick does not include target). Both are more than just OK for controlling a cook. I’m quite pleased with the results of my first test cook. In this case, we decided to cook a 3 pound spoon roast in our Air Fryer. In this case, we tested the MeatStick side-by-side with a Meater probe (the regular one, not the “plus”). Cooking a spoon roast would traditionally take 2-3 hours and 325 degrees in a conventional oven. In this case it took just over an hour to get an almost-perfect medium-rare result. This is where we got very different results on our two probes. The probes got very different temperature readings. The Air Fryer was set for 325 degrees. The MeatStick showed the ambient temperature as 361 degrees. The Meater probe showed an ambient temperature of 304 degree. Judging as to how well done the exterior of the roast looked I’m assuming the temperature was closer to 361. When done, the MeatStick read an internal temperature of 135 (Target temperature) while the Meater read 111 degrees. If we’d used the Meater to judge our cook, we’d have ruined the roast. I’m wondering if the use of the Air Fryer threw the Meater off – frankly we have had good results in all the time we’ve used it in a conventional oven. That being said, in this case, the MeatStick was far more accurate. Knowing now that the MeatStick probe was more accurate than the Air Fryers temperature control, I would readjust the temperature controls of the Fryer to compensate for the difference in the future. I’ve included pictures represent both probes in mid-cook and at the end. Notice the difference in temperatures. Given that the meat was close to medium rare, I’d trust the MeatStick probe more. If we’d reduced the ambient temperature when we first saw the discrepancy, I think we’d have had even better results. One of the hardest things in cooking with a wireless thermometer is to learn to trust the probe – they work!

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Frank R.
    United States

    Peace of mind!

    Works great, just sit back and watch with your phone

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Grizzly G.
    United States

    Best in Business

    This is the best thermometer out there. So easy to use and take a look at the pictures so see how the meat comes out. The accuracy is amazing.

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    United States

    Also works great for measuring the temperature of milk as it cools down to make yogurt! I just submerged the meat stick in the milk and monitored on my phone.

    Not just for meat - makes yogurt too!

    The MeatStick MeatStick Review
    United States

    Pretty Solid Product!

    I tested this out a few times on steak and other things. Generally, it is pretty solid. Easy to handle. And my steaks have been coming out just about right. The design is sleek and I love how there is a magnet on the base which allows me to stick it to my frig. But you do have to be careful, the stick gets pretty hot and you should always use gloves or something when you are pulling it out. I have been using in a combination of using an insta-grill. A few tips I figured out. 1. Be careful about how much ambient heat you have, that will affect how much time or how early you have to pull out your meat. 2. Use a glove or cloth when you pull it out of the meat so that you don't get burned. 3. Don't wash it right away or put it in water. Instead, let it cool down before cleaning it. (metal hitting something cold will warp the metal) 4. If you are using an insta-grill have your alarm happen at 15 degrees lower than your target temp. 5. Get yourself some rechargeable batteries. If you don't already have any. It is just good to have for this and other gadgets around the house.

    The MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Jonathan L.
    United States

    Accurate, easy to use, guaranteed to improve your meals!

    When it comes to a meat thermometer, there are two things that are deal breakers: 1) accuracy, and 2) ease of use. The MeatStick X does both, and more. First from an accuracy perspective, I have used it in both an oven and sous vide setting, and BOTH the ambient and internal temperatures were perfect! (Side benefit: it also gave me confidence that my oven and my sous vide are also running well/accurate). Next, from an ease of use perspective, it earns bonus points being wireless - allowing it to be used during sous vide perspective. Also, it has a small form factor so it doesn't protrude out too much. Just watch out - if you use it in an oven, it will be VERY hot, so use gloves. Lastly, the app to use the MeatStick X is intuitive and easy to setup. I was up and running in less than 3 minutes, and now it takes less than 15-20 seconds to sync up for future roasts. So the MeatStick X crushes it for what I'm looking for. But it also has other benefits - like the Xtender range. I was able to go upstairs and it still maintained its connection (although, if my house was any bigger, it may be an issue). And to charge it, takes only AA batteries, so it's universal and easy to deal with (instead of fumbling around with a USB-A/C/microUSB/lightning connectors). Overall - I highly recommend the MeatStick X. Step up your cooking game by ensuring your meat never gets overcooked again!

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Catherine C.
    United States

    Nice to see precise meat temperatures as you go

    I’ve tried this MeatStick a couple times so far on steak, and now that I’ve got the hang of it, it works well! Be sure to remove the meat from your heat source (especially if you’re using a cast iron pan) as soon as it hits the early warning temperature (5 degrees under the target temperature) because the temp will continue to rise as the meat rests. Also be sure to set the app to always allow location access, and then you can switch the access when the app is not in use. I stuck the MeatStick in the thickest part of a NY strip steak that I cooked on a cast iron skillet, and took it off the heat once the early warning popped up on the app. It turned out to be a nice medium rare after resting it and cutting it open, so the accuracy of the device seems to be good! I look forward to using it on other meats such as chicken breast and pork chops. And one more thing, be sure the meat you are cooking is at least 3.5 inches long (the length of the metal probe), because the metal can only withstand temperatures up to 212 F. It should not be exposed during the cooking process. It is a cool feature to be able to set your target doneness on your meat beforehand and monitor the meat temperature on your phone while you are cooking. There are several different sounds you can choose to alert you when your meat has reached its target temperature. I recommend giving this a try!

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Duy N.
    United States

    Made my steak cooking life ezpz. Never overcook again!!

    Made steak cooking a breeze. Super easy to use. Charge it, stick it in, open the app and choose your meat specifications and start cooking away! I am always was scared of overcooking a steak and now I don't have to anymore. The stick let me know when the internal temperature was reached. I pulled my steak off and to my surprise it was perfect inside. You can set the type of steak and thickness as well. Can't wait to use it for other meats. 10000000% recommend!

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Connie C.

    For the Perfect Steak Lovers!

    The best way to describe this product is how easy do you want to make your steak experience. I am an avid steak fan i have a BBQ Grill, Oven, Cast Iron and Sous Vide. Steak Experience #1 Oven with Cast Iron Finish- once you setup the product all you have to do is put the ceramic thermometer into your steak and toss it into the oven. On the app setup the internal temperature preferably 130 degrees and ambient so that it triggers the perfect temp. Based on my experience it took roughly 30 min in the oven at 300 degrees before the NY Strip Steak i got was up to internal temp at 130 degrees, i took the steak out and tossed it onto the cast iron for 1 minute each side. The steak came out a perfect medium like i wanted it to. This was for a 1.25 inch Australian Wagyu Strip Steak BMS 5. Porterhouse #2 - Used the outdoor gas grill for 2 min on each side followed by using the oven at 400 degrees. Same as the experience above set internal temp for 130 and 145. Used two differet meat thermometer so one steak would be medium rare and the other medium well. Both steaks came out perfect! Steak Experience #3 Tomahawk from Costco, don’t even bother grilling the sides anymore, put the MeatStick in 450 degrees and use a Pyrex, leave it in the oven until internal temp hits 140 degrees and remove! You are done! Easy no mess no fuss! Medium Rare! More experiences to follow!

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review
    Jessie M.

    Great signal on wifi connection

    I love this product I have a 3000 sq ft home so I bought the wifi bridge and it does exactly what its supposed to do.

    The MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Review