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The All New Additional Stick

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ONLY 1 Stick is included per order. Please choose the color you would like to purchase.

The All New Sticks are now shorter and thinner, making it even more convenient to put into action in any condition. 

The Stick is fully waterproof, so it's super easy to clean, safe to put in the dishwasher and suitable for sous-vide cooking and even deep frying.

The app is optimized for use with up to 8 sticks at the same time.

When you have more than one, please alternate uses and keep batteries charged. 

*Requires the use of a The All New Charger to activate and charge.


Charge The All New Stick with The All New Charger (Battery-powered). DO NOT charge it on a Charger 2018 (Micro-USB powered). 

Charging a The All New Stick with a Charger 2018 will damage the Stick and void warranty. You can also refer to the comparison page to find out more about the differences.


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