What is a Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer?

by Roxanne Chang 5 min read

What is a Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer?

Everything you need to know about the cult-favorite gadget that'll get you cooking like a pro in no time.

If you don't already own a smart wireless meat thermometer, get ready to meet your new favorite cooking gadget. A good smart thermometer could save you from a bad meal and might even save your life. With September comes the perennial rite of backyard cookouts and BBQ parties – and that's when a wireless grill thermometer comes in handy. Even if you don't eat meat, a quality smart meat thermometer can still achieve those two functions at your next cookout, or even just a regular lunch at home.

A smart wireless meat thermometer is Bluetooth-quipped to pair with your phone or smart device, so you can cook all types of meat to perfection while monitoring them from your screen (don't worry if you're not a meat eater, these things help cook all types of food). Essentially, it provides temperature updates of your cooking meat on your phone, so you can monitor and control the whole cooking process without standing next to the grill at all times. The MeatStick is exactly that. It's your perfect grill thermometer – built with dual temperature sensors, one that reads internal temperature and another for the grill/ambient temperature, the MeatStick was designed for all your BBQ needs. The MeatStick uses Bluetooth connectivity to help monitor temperatures for all cuts of meat on your mobile device, even when they require a long cooking time. It's basically your smart and simple solution to never overcook again.

Why cook with a smart wireless meat thermometer?

Cooking is all about heat and temperature monitoring. With precise temperature control, quality smart cooking thermometers like the MeatStick will ensure:

Consistency. With the MeatStick App's easy-to-follow instructions and wide range of cooking presets, you'll be making the best American BBQ in town and getting fine dining results at home, every. single. time. Perfect for the proud pit master, the experienced home chef, and the enthusiastic beginner cook. 

Flexibility. With the MeatStick's wireless range, you'll be monitoring your meat from most parts of your home with ease (with the WiFi Bridge, you'll have unlimited indoor range and outdoor range). It's all about spending more time with family and friends and less time at the grill.

Food safety. Cooking meats within their correct temperature ranges is essential to human health. With preset temperatures, the MeatStick helps you reach the proper target temperature while monitoring the actual cooking temperature.

Waste reduction. Getting real-time updates on your meat's ambient temperature and its internal meat temperature will get you cooking all kinds of meat like a pro in no time – and it's not just about cooking the perfect meat. Whether it's the best American BBQ in town or fine dining at home, you won't be overcooking and throwing away expensive meats like you used to.

Why are meats cooked with smart wireless meat thermometers better?

Traditional cooking methods make it very challenging to cook food at the perfect temperature. Food loses its flavor and meat overcooks way too easily, which ends up dry and unpleasant – even with a traditional meat thermometer. Traditional meat thermometers give limited, quick readings and lack the wireless and smart features for custom settings and remote monitoring. 

Cooking with smart wireless meat thermometers gives you total control over your cooking progress. These life-changing gadgets utilize precise temperatures for you to produce the perfect results based on your preferred temperature. Grill temperature and oven temperature aren't easy to be accurately predicted. With the MeatStick, you'll be monitoring the whole process wirelessly with real-time temperature updates, down to the degree. A precise and quick monitoring makes all the difference – you'll be getting fine dining and steakhouse quality results straight from your home every time you cook with a smart wireless meat thermometer.

Meats cooked with quality smart wireless meat thermometers are better than traditionally cooked meats because heat is guaranteed to be transferred efficiently. Heat and temperature fluctuate when you use a grill, smoker, stove, or even oven. A Slate article claims, “A 350-degree residential oven is designed to stay between around 330 and 370 degrees,” – and that's if the oven is well-calibrated. Your home stove and grill are probably less precise. And that's when the smart wireless meat thermometer comes in. Let's look at the medium-rare steak since it's the go-to cookout crowd pleaser.

Heat fluctuates in a grill, stove, and oven. That fluctuation can range as far as +/- 40 degrees. While the target temperature of your medium-rare steak should be at 130-135°F, the difference between a medium-rare and medium-well steak is only 5 degrees (and chances of you overcooking is just another step ahead). Heat in flux is nearly impossible to control and the chances of you hitting the exact target temperature of a crowd-pleasing medium-rare steak by eyeballing is basically zero. Using a quality smart wireless meat thermometer will guide you through that circulation and help you keep an eye on your meat. So the next time you're cooking meat, don't rely on your senses and use a smart wireless meat thermometer! 

Cook perfect meats with the MeatStick.

The best part of cooking the perfect meat dishes (or even non-meat dishes) is that it's straightforward and consistent with the MeatStick. Using the MeatStick is simple:

1. Insert the meat probe into your piece of meat.

2. Set up your cook method, look at the doneness levels and pick your preferred temperature in the MeatStick App.

3. Monitor your meat's ambient temperature and internal temperature on your phone while it's cooking.

4. Get custom alerts when your meat is ready to serve!

Here are some cool features of the MeatStick that'll help upgrade your cooking game:

True wireless. Take control over your meat's temperature, 100% hassle-free with remote monitoring.

Highly durable. Built to withstand high heat – from searing in a cast iron pan to full submersion in a deep-fryer. The MeatStick's dual sensors will keep all of this under control.

Extended range. Customize your desired extended range (up to unlimited range) to get your temperatures wherever you are, whenever you need. Take a quick trip to the store while monitoring your cooking meat via the MeatStick App.

A handy feature of the MeatStick is its wireless range; it makes any cooking process smoother and easier – using WiFi connection, you'll be receiving accurate temperature readings and expected cook times on your mobile device to avoid overcooking, completely. Key features of the MeatStick App include built-in recipe programs for meat dishes, preset temperature selections from a wide temperature range, and a cloud to save all your own cooks for various meat types!

Some additional features of the MeatStick include a magnetic design on the back of the charger, which attaches to metallic surfaces in your kitchen for easy access. More advanced features include the built-in Xtender or optional WiFi Bridge that extend the MeatStick's range from up to 260ft to an unlimited range. By upgrading your signal repeater, you'll be monitoring your meats from anywhere you are, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Most importantly, the MeatStick can withstand up to 212°F for 24+ hours to make you the juiciest, smokiest brisket that'll guarantee to turn heads.

If American BBQ isn't your usual thing, the MeatStick Mini does exactly what the MeatStick can do, and in a smaller, more versatile size for everyday cooking. It was designed for restaurant quality results at home on any day and is ideal for most cuts of meat you'll cook on an everyday basis: steaks, fish, chicken breasts, everything. You'll be making that boring piece of chicken breast mouth-watering in no time.

So stop the guesswork, get your MeatStick and MeatStick Mini!

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