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Stars and stripes, margaritas and potato salad, vanilla ice cream, the founding fathers, red, white, and blue. What do you picture when you envision the perfect fourth of July celebration? 

For those of us at the Meatstick, we imagine a picnic blanket full of good food and drinks, backyard barbecues, and fireworks blasting over the culinary labor of love at the center of the tabletop. 

But here comes one tricky question: What’s the piece-de-resistance of your fourth of July feast?

If you’re in need of some suggestions to wow your guests this patriotic holiday, these recipes are smoky, packed full of savory flavor, and perfect for the outdoors. 

Smoked Ribs 

Pay homage to American cuisine with this timeless classic that the home cook can easily recreate. We cover some basic smoking tips and possible sides to pair with this must-have BBQ dish. 

Coffee-rubbed Steak

Steak is usually the top dog in a fourth of July cookout but have you ever tried  coffee-rubbed steak? This trendy twist elevates your favorite parts of steak by forming a caramelized crust that tastes spicy and earthy. The best part of this coffee spice rub is that it's an absurdly simple blend of dark roast coffee beans, kosher salt, brown sugar, and black pepper and is so versatile you can also use it for any other cut of meat. Try it now!

Hassle-free Texas Style Smoked Brisket 

Familiar with US regional barbeque styles? Then you’ll know that Texas-style barbeque is one of America’s favorite (and arguably the most delicious) ways of preparing meat. Our smoked brisket recipe requires low and slow temperatures to produce out-of-this-world textures and rich flavors. Get the recipe here.      

Show-Stopping Boston Butt

This two-day roasted pork shoulder recipe is ideal for a special day like this. While it requires some level of prep work, the cooking process is made infinitely easier with the MeatStick meat thermometer. Have your cookout guests gush over restaurant-quality meat from home and start cooking now

Perfect Honey Smoke Tri-Tip

All eyes and noses and mouths will be on this heavenly honey smoke tri-tip from one of our Community Contest winners,  Cory Shackleford (@cory_in_the_kitchen_). Amazingly, to create this recipe, you only need two ingredients: Tri-Tip and Honey Smoke seasoning (or your favorite BBQ seasoning/barbecue sauce)! Get his recipe.


Not strictly BBQ, although these recipes deserve a place at your table this Fourth of July. These are creative takes on regular fourth-party items like fried chicken sandwiches and jalapeno poppers. Basically, they’ll have your guests stuffing their faces, wondering  how in the world did you come up with that?

Brisket Jalapeño Poppers

Another one of our Community Contest recipes, this one by  Chris Bentley @bentley.bbq! Jalapeno poppers + brisket = perfection. This popper makes its own party in your mouth. Get the recipe here.

Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwich 

Spicy chicken sandwiches have been cropping up as a staple on the picnic blanket these last few years, thanks to social media and fast food chains popularizing them online. However, instead of the regular Nashville hot chicken sandwiches drizzled in hot sauce, why not try out our panko-crusted Japanese-style chicken cutlets with spicy mayo, resting between some easy-breezy sliced white bread? 

Note: If you suffer from the dry chicken curse, then start tracking your meat’s internal temperatures with our meat thermometers.

While these recipes may seem like a lot of work, don’t let cooking these meats take time away from your celebration. There's no need to anxiously guard the grill during your awesome 4th party. Let the MeatStick do the bulk of the work – our meat thermometers will inform you when your meats are perfectly cooked.

Happy Independence Day, America!

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