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Perfect Honey Smoke Tri-Tip with the MeatStick

By now, you already know the MeatStick X is your handy companion for transforming all cuts of meats – including an ordinary tri-tip – into lip-smacking, head-turning American BBQ. You're probably familiar with a nice ribeye roast or chuck roasts, so we've got something new for you to check out if you've got a couple hours for improving your barbecue technique.

If you're looking for smoky flavors in a tri-tip you picked up from the meat department, then you're looking in the right place! Try out this Honey Smoke Tri-Tip recipe from one of our Community Contest winners, Cory Shackleford (@cory_in_the_kitchen_)!The best thing about this recipe is that it's not reserved just for the professional barbecue chefs – anyone cooking with the MeatStick will achieve perfect results. With some honey garlic sauce (we recommend honey-mustard BBQ sauce too) or your favorite BBQ seasoning & marinade, this type of meat will soon become one of your favorites to smoke, and you'll be showing off your barbecue technique in no time!

Cory used just these two ingredients to achieve meat perfection:

  • Tri-Tip 
  • Honey Smoke seasoning (or your favorite BBQ seasoning/barbecue sauce)

Cory's Steps to Tri-Tip Perfection:

Cooking bigger pieces of meat may seem intimidating at first, but using a trusted meat probe like the MeatStick will help you achieve perfect results as you normally would with regular meat. Always start with a fully charged MeatStick – it will help you get the right cooking temperature, whether you're doing direct or indirect cooking. With the MeatStick X charger's built-in range extender, you'll be able to monitor your ambient temperatures and internal meat temperature throughout most parts of your home, even while the smoker's lid is closed.

Set up your cook in the MeatStick App. For this recipe, pick Smoker as your cook method, Beef as the meat type, then select Tri-tip. Following Cory's setup, you'll see that your target internal meat temperature is 145 °F, note this will give you a more medium results (many pit masters recommend cooking up to 135 °F for a medium rare finish, you can set your target temperature 10 degrees lower than Cory's settings if medium rare is what you like). 

Once the app setup is ready, prepare your smoker, so your meat is ready to cook in indirect heat. Start rubbing the seasoning of your choice into the meat – generously! We recommend including honey-mustard BBQ sauce, chili powder, freshly cracked black pepper, one diced garlic clove (or garlic powder), or butt rub seasoning for extra heat and additional flavor. Some professional barbecue chefs add in a thin later of olive oil/extra-virgin olive oil or yellow mustard first to help their rub emulsify and stick to the meat (for those that do not enjoy mustard flavor, don't worry, after the long cooking time, you won't taste any more mustard flavor). Then, find a nice flat portion and insert the MeatStick all the way in, like you normally would with all cuts of meat. This way, you can accurately monitor the ambient temperatures and cooking temperature.


We will start with indirect cooking, then on to searing later throughout the cooking time. If your target temperature is set at 135 °F, you can skip the searing step.

For this recipe, Cory smoked the beef over food safe, medium heat at 225 °F until its internal meat temperature first reached 135 °F. You can set up an app alert for when the internal temperature reaches 135 °F if your target temperature is 145 °F. Once the meat reaches 135 °F, remove it from the smoker and let the piece of meat rest for 10 minutes.

Finish up your cook by searing the meat in a cast iron pan until it reaches its final target internal temperature of 145 °F – this should only take up a short amount of cooking time. A crust should form once you reach the target internal temperature and by doing this you'll get some more additional flavor. 

Save some extra tri-tip and keep these cuts of meat in a quality airtight container. With the MeatStick, there's no ordinary beef tri-tip, nor are you only cooking regular meat. Your BBQ will be so delicious, you're guaranteed to have no leftover meat!Enjoy!


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