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Charger & The Stick Comparisons (2020 vs 2018)

December 04, 2019 1 min read

The All New Additional Sticks

The All New Stick 2020

The 2018 Additional Sticks

Stick 2018

Girth: 6 mm, Length: 93.7 mm
Girth: 6.5 mm, Length: 105 mm
Must be used with battery powered Charger 2020
Must be used with micro-USB powered Charger 2018
Waterproof (Deep-fry, Sous Vide and Dishwasher Safe)
Water Resistant

The All New MeatStick Charger 2020 

Charger 2020

The 2018 MeatStick Charger

Charger 2018

Powered by 2 AAA batteries
Powered by micro-USB cable
Includes power button
Doesn't include power button, always active
Compatible only with The Stick 2020
Compatible only with The Stick 2018

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