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The MeatStick VS. Others

December 04, 2019 1 min read

The Meatstick Logo


Fully waterproof (Deep-fry, Sous-vide and dishwasher safe)
(Only) Water/Spash resistant
Modular / Expandable System
Pieces not interchangeable / expandable
No Pairing Required
Pairing required
All phones / tablets nearby can see the temperature
Pairs and connects to only 1 phone
Probe comes in 4 different colors to be easily identifiable
Probe only comes in black
Probe last 24+ hours on a full charge
Probe last 24+ hours on a full charge
Ambient Max Temp: 300°C/572°F
Ambient Max Temp: 275°C/527°F

The MeatStick Xtender


Up to 300FT with signal repeater
Up to 165FT with signal repeater
Monitors up to 8 probes
Monitors only 1 probe
Uses 2 AA batteries - 50h+ of runtime.
Uses 1 AA battery - Unknown runtime

The MeatStick WiFi Bridge

Other's Block

2 inch Back-lit LCD screen
1 inch OLED screen
Micro-USB powered
Micro-USB powered + 4 AA batteries
External replaceable WiFi antenna
No external antenna
Monitors up to 8 probes
Monitors up to 4 probes
No WiFi? No problem. Can be used in signal repeater mode to repeat the probes' signals to your app
No WiFi? Can't be used with the app

We always aim to improve our product. That is why we also prepared another comparison chart to show the differences between The MeatStick 2020 VS. The MeatStick 2018. Go to this comparison page to find out which parts of The MeatStick have been improved.