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    United States

    That was easy!

    I was always guessing when it came to cooking different types of meats and so I rarely did. A friend recommend me this mini meatstick and it's been amazing. It literally tells me when my meat is ready so all I have to do is season my meat and throw it in the oven. I'll admit, after this week I probably need a break from meat but it's def going into my always use drawer of kitchen tools!

    The MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini Review
    United States United States

    Great mini tool!

    This tool is so cool and easy to use. The app is simple (as you can see in my pic). Makes cooking easier when you wanna make your perfect meat. You can travel with it, and let your friends borrow it as well. Im definitely recommending this to many of my friends who are chefs!

    The MeatStick MeatStick Mini Review
    Greg H.
    United States United States

    Great cooking companion

    The MiniX is a great product that along with the app allowed me to "set it and forget it" while still achieving the perfect doneness for my steak. It helped me achieve the perfect medium rare steak using the reverse sear method in the oven while I was prepping the rest of my lunch. Very useful, would definitely recommend!

    The MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini Review
    Laurin N.
    United States

    So useful for cooking!

    I thought this device was super useful when cooking because our oven's temperature dials are very inaccurate (which I found out the hard way awhile back lol). I also love the size of this product - we own the original Meatstick as well, but I think I like this one more because it's more compact. It's easier to stick the device into whatever meat we're cooking than the original size. I always have a hard time with larger pieces of poultry, especially when baking, and tend to have to put food back in the oven after I think it's done because it's not cooked all the way. With this device, I will have perfectly cooked meat all the time! I can't wait to try this device with other foods next! :)

    The MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini Review

    It works

    I love how it works


    Leave the probe in the meat and monitor temps while it cooks!

    This is definitely the way to go. You can pierce the meat with the probe and just leave it in place while it's cooking. Monitor the internal temperature while it cooks. The precision methods for the perfect steaks, roasts, etc. The probe comes with a plastic charger that holds two aa batteries (not included). The batteries keep it charged and ready for use. Bluetooth connects it to your cell phone, where you can monitor Temps and times and even have it notify you when your dish is done! The charger also extends the reach of the device up to 260 feet away. Nice!

    The MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini Review
    Ian D.

    Pretty simple to use

    This is an expensive little device, and it's not for everybody, so I'll try to help you decide whether you want or need it in this review. Here's a little background about me: I'm in my mid to late 30s, and I've been cooking in a variety of ways for the last 20+ years. I got interested in cooking in my teens, and I've learned a lot since then. That said, I'm no professional, just a considerably above average home chef. I also love all different types of meat, from red meats (beef and lamb mostly) and pork to poultry and fish/seafood. In my years of cooking, I went from getting down the basics to trying to fine-tune my craft and just get as good as possible at the things I'd already learned rather than trying to add many new tricks to my repertoire. One of the ways, I feel that it's possible to greatly fine tune your cooking is to get the temps/doneness of different things just right. To a point, I feel comfortable cooking different pieces of red meat to the right doneness without a thermometer (the touch test is pretty accurate most of the time), and in general I have enough experience with my different devices to know when a hunk of chicken is done but still moist in the air fryer. But a thermometer like this can offer an extra level of precision, especially when roasting larger (but perhaps not humongous) items. So, this thing sets up with an app on the phone. The range of the thermometer itself is fairly limited, but if you leave its little thermometer holder nearby, it extends the range significantly. There are some potential concerns with the app, such as location tracking, so if that bothers you, you may want to steer clear. The app is pretty convenient, though, as it warns you immediately when the meat you're cooking reaches the desired temp. The size of the thermometer is good for most food types. If you have a massive turkey or rib roast, you may not get quite the depth you want, so it would make sense to set the desired temp slightly higher than you want the internal temp at the deepest point in the meat, but for most types of steak or hunks of chicken, it could work. For smaller items, it works fairly well, but you should be aware that for it to function correctly, the entire metal part should be inserted into the meat. I love cooking lamb **** chops, and I've struggled to get the metal fully inserted as you can see in the attached images. Once I figured out an angle that was about right, it worked out, but I couldn't really get it inserted to hit the furthest point inside, closest to the bone. For medium pieces of meat, it's fine, and if you're cooking multiple, you can come up with roughly uniform results if the pieces are similarly thick or you adjust timing for thickness differences. Ultimately, if you're doing a pretty good job getting food cooked to the right temps already with either nothing or a non leave-in meat thermometer, you probably don't need this, but just because you don't need it doesn't mean you shouldn't have it. It might be an extra level of convenience and precision that you'll appreciate, even if it's not a total game changer, which is how I'd describe it for myself. If you love cooking but you struggle to get temps right, it could be a game changer.

    The MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini ReviewThe MeatStick MeatStick Mini Review

    Works great when you can get it to connect to your phone

    This device must be very clean, beyond removing any visible food particles or film. Had to clean the "charging" end with a Mr. Clean white sponge to get this device to work. Otherwise, the app would not connect to the stick. But when it works, its great. I bought the regular and the mini so I could handle any cut of meat. The range of the connection is very limited. When the oven door is closed, I need to keep my Iphone right next to the stove.

    Energy e.

    So far so good

    Used it once for sous vide and worked great. Don't understand why i need my gps on and the access it needs to work, but if you're clever you can find a work around and turn that off


    works great fo perfectly cooked meat

    i love how this connects to your phone to alert you that your food is done. its so much easier than stopping in the middle of prepping other dishes to check the temp. my only regret is not getting the max as i do a lot of oven cooking and this isn't the ideal version for that.