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MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards

What is a MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards?

The MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards (“Promo Card”) is not a credit card; it is a preloaded eGift Cards that has a set dollar value printed on the carrier to which the Promo eGift Card is affixed, or, if the Promo eGift Card is delivered electronically, in the e-mail with which the card is sent (the “ePromo Gift Card Notification”). It can be used to purchase merchandise and services from our website. Promo eGift Card cannot be used at third party retail locations. Further, Promo eGift Card cannot be redeemed for cash, except where required by applicable law. Upon redemption, the purchase amount will be automatically deducted from the value of the Promo eGift Card. When the amount available on the Promo eGift Card has been exhausted, any future transactions will be declined. If the purchase amount is greater than the remaining Promo eGift Card balance you will be given an option to add an additional form of payment. 

Is the MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards a credit card?

No, the Promo eGift Card is a preloaded eGift Cards that has a set dollar value. Depending on the method of delivery, the card value will either be printed on the carrier to which the Promo eGift Card is affixed or in the Promo eGift Card Notification. The Promo Card is not a credit card and cannot be used as one.


Does the MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards have an expiration date?

Yes. Promo eGift Card expire 180 days from issuance. Please use your Promo eGift Card promptly. Expiration information for your Promo eGift Card can be found in the carrier to which the Promo eGift Card was affixed, or, if delivered electronically, on the ePromo Gift Card Notification. After the expiration date, the Promo eGift Card will not be accepted, subject to applicable law. Please contact MeatStick Customer Support. for balance and expiration information.

What if the MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards is lost or stolen?

Promo eGift Card cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.


What if I want to return or exchange something I purchased with the MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards?


We value our relationship with you and want to make sure that you're satisfied with purchases made using your Promo eGift Card. Returns of merchandise will be processed according to MeatStick's return policies. Credits for returns accepted by MeatStick will be allocated back to the Promo eGift Card (in the amount of the portion of the returned purchase paid via Promo eGift Card) as long as the Promo eGift Card has not expired. However, if the card has expired, no credit or cash refund will be issued and remaining funds on the card are forfeited. If you receive a credit, the portion paid with your Promo eGift Card (excluding shipping & handling) will be allocated back to the Promo eGift Card within 3 to 7 business days after MeatStick receives and processes your returned merchandise. Please note: No credit will be issued back to the card if the Promo eGift Card has expired. You cannot lodge a "billing dispute" or request a "stop payment" for purchases made using the Promo eGift Card. If you think an error has occurred with a transaction, you may contact MeatStick Customer Support.



What if I use only a portion of the value of the MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards? What happens to the value remaining on the Card?

The Promo eGift Card can be used until the value of the Promo eGift Card is depleted or the Promo eGift Card expires, whichever occurs first. Promo eGift Card expire 180 days from issue date. The expiration date is printed on the card carrier to which the Promo eGift Card was affixed or on the Promo eGift Card Notification. You can enjoy more than one purchase with the Promo eGift Card as long as a balance remains on the Promo eGift Card and as long as the Promo eGift Card is not expired.

What should I do if I have more questions about my MeatStick Promotional eGift Cards?

If you still have questions after reviewing our FAQ’s, you may contact MeatStick Customer Support.