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Now you may be thinking, what do we want from you?

Well first off, all we want for you to do is to LOVE our MeatStick ;) Once you love it, we just want to see you using our product (images, videos, live, stories, etc). They don't always need to be the star of the show, but mentioned here and there whenever it's use. We would also love if you send some quality pictures over to us to use in our own social media now and then, and of course we will give you a shout out and tag when we do.

What do you get for being a brand ambassador? 

1st. You will get 35% off your initial order. 

2nd. You can take part in our referral program and give your followers 5% off their first purchase as well as get credit to use on the website for whatever you need. (Click the heart/rewards popup in the bottom right corner of the page for details)

3rd. We will partner with you for giveaways to help grow your followers.

4th. As we develop new products, you'll be the first to hear about them as well as even maybe testing them (May need to sign an NDA depending on the product). 

5th. Once we get more swag, we'll get some over to you as well! 

6th. We will sponsor a few BBQ teams a year, but we're still working out the details on that.