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Smoked Glazed Ham Tips and Tricks: An Interview with BBQ Enthusiast and The MeatStick Brand Ambassador, Gorilla Joe

Meet Joe, a passionate BBQ enthusiast and The MeatStick Brand Ambassador. You might know him from his YouTube channel and Instagram, Gorilla Joe’s BBQ. Joe started his journey in the BBQ world last year with the support of his wife and daughter, who go by the nickname "Little Gorilla". Since then, he has become a devoted fan of smoking meat and grilling thick steaks over an open flame.

A man holding smoked ham

We had the opportunity to interview Joe and learn more about his experience as a BBQ enthusiast and brand ambassador for The MeatStick. We delved into his passion for BBQ, his journey as a content creator on social media, and his tips and tricks for smoking the perfect ham. Keep reading to learn more about Joe and his love for all things BBQ!

How did you first discover your passion for cooking, and what motivates you to continue exploring new recipes and techniques?

I started to enjoy throwing meat on the grill when I got to college and had to cook for myself, but back then it was all very simple. However, until I graduated from college and met a coworker who had a Weber Smokey Mountain I never knew how much I was going to get consumed by this lifestyle. I bought my first smoker around 6 years ago, and it's been a learning experience since then! I love cooking for other people and having them compliment me on how great the food was, and I think that really drives me to keep trying new stuff and keep expanding my knowledge. 

What is your favorite type of meat to smoke or grill, and how do you pair it with different spices or rubs?

I really enjoy smoking baby back ribs. They were the first thing I learned how to smoke, and you can really pack some great flavor into them. I love to go with a little bit of a spicier dry rub, and then when I wrap them I go with a sweet component, some honey, butter, and brown sugar. I think this gives you a great flavor profile of a little heat and a little sweat!

What do you believe is the biggest challenge when it comes to grilling or smoking meats?

Cost and time! Working a full-time job, and having a family really takes up most of your day, so trying to carve out some time to fire up the smoker and make some great smoked food is definitely a challenge. Pair that with how crazy meat prices have gotten these past couple years, and it's a pretty challenging hobby! 

How do you think using a wireless smart meat thermometer can enhance your cooking experience?

Having a good wireless smart meat thermometer is a game changer, like I mentioned above time is one of my biggest challenges. So having a thermometer that is linked to my Wi-Fi and I can check on my phone really helps me use my time to the fullest. I have started so many cooks with my MeatStick and gone to the store, or the gym, or to pick my daughter up from school and the peace of mind of being able to check my phone and see the smoker temp, and my meat temp is amazing. And of course, you can pull the meat at the perfect temperature every time!

What are some of your other favorite dishes?

I love making queso and salsa on the smoker; it adds so much more flavor to the dish, and you will surprise a lot of people when they take a bite and aren't expecting a smokey taste!

Do you have any memorable stories involving cooking your recipe?

Well, on this particular cook, I went to the store with the mindset of getting a pre-sliced ham, and I definitely thought I bought a pre-sliced ham... Well when I got home and opened the package while filming my YouTube video I realized it was definitely NOT a pre sliced ham. It caught me. By surprise and I had to change up my plan on the fly, but a little knife work and it turned out fantastic!

Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for anyone who would like to recreate your recipe?

Just go out there and do it, trust me, if I can make some amazing smoked food, so can you! And a ham is a great piece of meat to start on. You can get a precooked one, so you are basically just heating it up with the seasoning of your choice on it, and it can be done quicker and with less chance of error than say a brisket which is very technique heavy. Also, choose the right wood for the job, my go-to is pecan for flavor and cherry for some great color!

Gorilla Joe’s BBQ Smoked Ham Tips & Tricks

  • Use two rubs, Kosmo Q's Honey Chipolte Killer Bee and Running Wild Foods Apple.
  • Choose a ham that weighs around 10-12lbs.
  • Smoke the ham at 225-250F for 3-5 hours until the internal temperature reaches 140F.
  • If you want to glaze the ham after smoking, apply the glaze or BBQ sauce when the ham reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees. Then, put the ham back in the smoker at 500 degrees for 2-5 minutes or use the broil setting in the oven if your smoker can't reach that temperature.

These tips and tricks for smoked glazed ham will help you create a delicious and flavorful dish for any occasion. For more detailed instructions and visual guidance, we suggest watching YouTube video by Gorilla Joe’s BBQ. Happy cooking!

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August 08, 2023

Thank you so much for reaching out to me and doing this interview! I had a great time answering your questions and hope people can try my recipe! And just to clarify because I had some people ask, what I bought was still a ham, it just wasn’t pre sliced 😂, I had some friends ask what meat I bought by accident!

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