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BBQ Guide: How to Make Independence Day (4th of July) A Success

A Historical Date: The 4th of July

July 4th is one of the biggest BBQ events in the US and one of the most important dates for the history of the United States. 

But what exactly happened on this historic day?

Back in the 18th century, when America was a colony under the rule of the British empire, a big war was held between the thirteen American colonies and the kingdom of Great Britain.

We skip on going more into detail but recommend this Youtube video to you, which will give you a short version of it.

On July 4th, this war ended when the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, turning the day into the United States' birth hour.

Since then, people all over the US and around the world celebrate this date by coming together and having BBQ but also to watch baseball or concerts of their favorite bands.

The MeatStick will focus on telling you how to prepare and how our products will help you to have an awesome Barbecue on Independence Day (July 4th).

How to successfully host a Barbecue Party and celebrate 4th of July?

What are the most eaten foods on the 4th of July?

Even more important is the question of what to eat on Independence Day. Since it's very common to have BBQ on July 4th, we recommend you invite your family and friends for a good time in your garden.

If you want your guests to be satisfied, you have to make sure that you provide foods that they like and which are popular when it comes to BBQ on Independence Day.

According to Statista's research, these are the most popular foods for your BBQ menu on America's Birthday:

As you can probably guess, the most favorite food in America is Beef, with over 800 million dollars spent, which is followed by classic chicken with over 370 million dollars.

Pork is closing the top 3 with over 217 million dollars.

To not disappoint your guest with dry or burned meat and if you also want to share some time with them, using our MeatStick will help you juggle the meat and other foods on your grill while still being able to have a good time with your loved ones.

Let's talk about fourth place, which is occupied by the little red and blueberries. Not only do they match with the colors of our national flag, but they are also an excellent topping for any desserts such as ice cream or cakes.

So what should you BBQ on July 4th?

The go-to call for celebrating America's birthday is having a BBQ. Not only is it a great way to satisfy a lot of different tastes but you can also have lots of different foods over a long time. 

BBQ Party with a group of friends

We listed the most popular foods for the day when our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence:

  1. The favorite of all Americans is the Hot Dog. Not only very handy but also very delicious.
  2. The 2nd place goes to the good old Hamburger, which is also great in a meat-free vegan version.
  3. Guess what, Chicken Wings are number three in our list. The little greasy and boney pieces embrace their full charm when it comes to sucking the last meat from the bone.
  4. Potatoes are fantastic, even better, when combined with eggs and mayonnaise to form a salad of perfection. Not suitable for the waistline but a must to serve.
  5. Cupcakes are the dessert of choice on July 4th and can come in countless different variations.
  6. Before we get to the healthy options for Independence Day, we got one more junk food for you, which you should give a shot. Ribs are messy to eat but deliver that straight awesomeness that you need for your main course.
  7. As we already mentioned, the last places belong to more healthy foods starting with baked beans. Those protein-packed little companions are a good way to get on your macros by still providing a decent amount of flavor.
  8. The corn of the cob is one of those traditional foods which we cannot skip on July 4th. Eating the little golden pieces straight from the cob makes this food mostly hard to encounter but a healthy classic considering all the junk.
  9. Coleslaw is low in calories and offers huge nutritional value, and beside potato salad, one of the best options for salads or side dishes in general.

Having a so-called Potluck is also a great way to satisfy all wishes and create a significant versatility. A Potluck is considered to be a communal lunch with all guests bringing their own loved homemade food to share it with the others.

Since everyone got at least one dish that they like, you not only relieve yourself but also offer a wide range of different tasty foods.

Nevertheless, using The MeatStick as a supervisor of your foods on the grill will ensure that nothing gets burned, making your meal plans on Independence Day succeed.

Don't forget desserts!

We already mentioned cupcakes as one of the most favorable desserts for celebrating America's Birthday. But Independence Day is calling for you to become creative by using one of our recommendations on how to prepare the most delicious treats for your party.

Show the flag with those Red, White, and Blue Donuts or Nutella Cookie Dough Dipped Pretzels in star and stripe colors.

But nothing beats ice cream when it comes to satisfying the sweet tooth so be sure to get a few pints in the freezer and let them thaw slightly before serving.

Ice cream with usa flag

Other Ideas and Last Words...

Set up your place in the colors of our nation, be creative, and impress your friends how patriotic you are. The internet provides endless ways to get impressions on how to do so.

If you still need other plans besides drinking and eating, there's at least a ton of other stuff to do and have a good time on this historic day.

How about having a costume party or drinking beer by playing beer pong.

The celebration is one of those ways to remind everyone of how impressive our country is and that moving closer together is the best way to do so.

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