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10 Easy Ways to Maintain A Grill

This article was written by Markus Austin, the founder of grillinsider.com, as a guest writer.

Often times, grill cleaning gets overlooked. Many people don't consider cleaning their grill until they have a grease fire underneath the grate!

Consider having a healthier and cleaner grill by doing these 10 grill maintenance tricks. It is very important to know how to maintain a grill.

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Let's get started. 

1. Take it Apart 

Be sure to take the grill apart. When it comes to cleaning grills, hosing it down quickly is not enough. Take off the grate and the grease trap. 

2. Use Cleaner 

There are specific cleaners out there for grills. They help rid your grill of gross grease without toxic cleaner on the grill. Any type of all-purpose grease remover cleaner can be used. However, if the engine de-greaser is used, be sure to follow it up with grease with dish soap to ensure the cleaner is gone. Some of the best grill cleaner products out there are non-toxic and do not react corrosively with your grills paint. 

3. Don't Use a Wire Brush 

Wire brushes can wear the finish off of a grill. They scratch the non-stick finish off as well as cause damage to the paint on the grill. Along with that, it is very dangerous to use wire brushes. The wires can come off and stick on the grill. Then stick into a hamburger. Then get stuck in a person’s throat. Causing major problems. 

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4. Use Heat 

Before taking a grill apart for cleaning, it can help cleaning be more effective by turning the heat high. This high heat can help burn some of the debris and grease off. Then it can easily be swept out the bottom of the grill. Just like self-cleaning stoves, using heat to clean a grill is effective. 

5. Cover It 

Grill covers are expensive in comparison to the cost of a new grill. An easy way to keep your grill looking nice much longer is by keeping a grill covered. This helps protect it from the sun’s fading and ice and snow damage. If keeping a grill indoors during the winter months isn't possible, then the next best option is to cover it with a high-quality grill cover. 

6. Maintain Every Use 

Every single time that a grill is used, the owner should brush it off before and after use. This helps avoid a buildup of food on the grill. Every use can cause grease and dirt to build up. It is important to avoid this building up into a super problem by cleaning it while it is still a small problem. 

7. Maintain the Gas Lines 

One thing that can be easily overlooked by a grill owner is the gas lines that go from the tank to the grill. Although these can easily be damaged and cause a major fire hazard, most people have never closely looked at them. Being sure that these lines remain hole and damage-free is essential to having a safe to use the grill. 

8. Keep the Fuel Levels High 

Just like in a car, running constantly on low fuel can be damaging to a grill. So being sure that there is always gas in the grill is essential. Along with that, running a charcoal grill with too many charcoals can be damaging to the grill. 

9. Store Inside 

If it is possible, during the winter months a grill should be stored inside. Placing your grill inside a garage or home can help protect it from the elements. But it should always be taken back outside for use to prevent a fire hazard. 

10. Don't Forget About the Lid 

When a person opens the lid of a grill, they often don't take a second to stop and look at it. The grill and soot that comes off of the food being cooked can cake grease on the lid of the grill. This can become a hot, greasy fire hazard. It is important to check and maintain this part of the grill. Along with that, if the grill has a temperature gauge in the lid, keeping the lid clean can help ensure that the temperature gauge reads accurately. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping a grill well maintained can help ensure that a grill lasts a long time and stays in good shape. Grills can help cook healthier food and make families’ lives easier and happier. Any grill owner should consider these ten tips when it comes to maintaining a grill.  

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Happy Grilling! 

Markus Austin
Founder and Operations Manager of grillinsider.com

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