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Additional Stick 2018

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ONLY 1 Stick is included per order. Please choose the color.

Love your MeatStick? Want to check different parts of your meats, or monitor several cuts at the same time? Get more sticks here and pick your color!

The app is optimized for use with up to 8 sticks at the same time. Performance may degrade if using more than 8. 

When you have more than one, please alternate uses and keep batteries charged. The battery will begin to degrade if left empty for too long.

*Requires the use of a charger to activate the Stick. 


Charge the Stick 2018 with the charger 2018 (USB-powered). DO NOT charge it on The All New Charger (Battery-powered).

Charging The Stick 2018 with a The All New Charger will damage the Stick and void warranty. You can also refer to the comparison page to find out more about the differences.