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You don't have to be a pro chef to cook the perfect meat.

No more guesswork when you cook. Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer with 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

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While chatting away with friends and enjoying a game of charades, four expensive New York strips were overcooked. What started off being a BBQ get-together ended up being so much more. With a problem to solve, The MeatStick was born.

Level up your cooking game the smart way.

See how it works.

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Choose Your MeatStick

The wireless meat thermometer made for everyone

For the BBQ enthusiast..

For fine dining at home...

For the Pit Master...

Withstands the harsh environments of the most succulent smoked brisket.

Makes even chicken breast mouth watering.

Includes a MeatStick and Mini, do we need to say more?

What is the difference?

meatstick mini combo sets comparison chart

How It Works

See the MeatStick in action.

Insert The MeatStick
Start a new cook with The MeatStick app
Monitor your meat with the meatstick app
achieve meat perfection with the meatstick

1. Insert The MeatStick

2. Start a new cook

3. Monitor your meat

4. Meat Perfection

Made to withstand the harsh environments of all types of cooking.

Use the MeatStick with your...







Cooking Upgraded

True Wireless

Monitor your meat's temperature hassle-free with The MeatStick App.

Highly Durable

Built to withstand high heats - from searing in a cast iron pan to submersion in a deep fryer.

Extended Range

Get your temperatures from wherever you are whenever you need.

The MeatStick technical specs
The MeatStick App Interface

App Enabled

Get real-time cook updates and record your cook via the MeatStick App

The MeatStick X

Your secret ingredient to making the best BBQ in town.

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30 day money back guarantee
one year warranty


What can I cook with The MeatStick?

The MeatStick is made with food-grade stainless steel for durablity, heat conduction, and high heat tolerance. This means it's sous-vide, deep-fryer, and dishwasher-safe; there is almost no meat dish you can't make with The MeatStick!

Do I have to be an experienced chef to use The MeatStick?

The MeatStick is made for all chefs. All you have to do is to stick The MeatStick into your meat, set up and monitor your cook with our app, and leave the rest to us. You’ll get real-time status on your phone and be notified instantly when the meat is ready. Now you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends and less in the kitchen. No matter who you are, take your cooking to the next level and achieve meat perfection, every time.

Why do I need The MeatStick?

With The MeatStick, you'll get perfect and consistent results every time. Take control and never undercook/overcook your meats again.

How do I use The MeatStick?

Simply stick The MeatStick into the meat of your choice, set up your cook method and preferences in our app, and start cooking. Monitor your meat’s real-time status in the app while you’re away from the grill and get instantly notified when it’s cooked to perfection!