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Rewards Program

What is it?  

The MeatStick Rewards Program is one of the ways to get attractive discounts by completing easy steps.

Today, we will walk you through the Rewards Program to help you make the most out of this excellent incentive program. 

You can always reach our rewards app on Blog and the other pages (except for the home, product, and FAQ pages) by clicking on the Rewards button on the bottom right of this page. (If not there, please refresh page) 

The Rewards Button 

How to get points? 

The MeatStick Rewards Programs' structure consists of three ways to collect points:

  • The first way lets you collect points by completing easy tasks.
  • The second way is to get points by referring friends.
  • The third and easiest way is to get your own MeatStick! 

1. Complete Tasks 

  • Create Your Account (300 pts)

Create an account on our website and receive 300 points right away.
Signup here:  

After signing up, you can start completing the other tasks. There is no specific order.  

  • Share on Twitter (200 pts)

Simply click the ‘Share’ button to tweet about The MeatStick and redeem 200 points immediately.

  • Like on Facebook (250 pts)

Just by liking our official Facebook page gets you another 250 points. 

  • Follow Us on Instagram (250 pts)

If you follow our Instagram account you instantly get another 250 points.   

2. Refer Friends

Refer your friends to The MeatStick and give them 5% off while getting 500 points per referral!

Get your unique referral code in the app.  

The Reward Program's Referral URL 

3. Purchase your own MeatStick!

For every 1 dollar spent on The MeatStick Store, you will earn 5 points as this is one of the rewards program tasks called place an order and it is always an active task.

For example, assume that you bought one of The MeatStick Sets and paid $100 for your first order.
Let's do the math...
$100 x 5pts = 500 earn points.

How to redeem points?

Next time you make place an order for your extra Sets or Accessories you can redeem your points and get great discounts!  

The chart below shows you our overall incentive program’s structure.

Minimum Points Required & Discount Amount Table  
The Reward Program's Overall Structure


Let’s assume that, you first signed-up and automatically got 300 points. Then, after completion of other social media-related tasks, you will have collected: around 1,000 points that equal to $10 off on your first order!

You may not wish to use these 1,000 points since you are aiming for a higher discount, then you should place an order and then get more points based on how much you spend. Let's say that you made a purchase of $ 300 so you earn (300x5) 1,500 points which will get you to 2,500 points and eventually get $25 off.

You should know that your reward points do not expire so, whenever you want, you can redeem and use it for your next purchase. However, they cannot be combined with other discounts.