Upgrade your MeatStick Set


The MeatStick is a true wireless smart meat thermometer. No wires, no mess! You just need your phone, or any kind of smart device with Bluetooth, to monitor your meat.


The MeatStick is super resistant. While fully waterproof, you can put it in the dishwasher and it is suitable for sous-vide cooking, it's also made to withstand high temperatures up to 572°F/300°C.


We made the MeatStick super easy to use, our app will guide you throughout the whole process. Whether you're a beginner chef or a grill master, follow the build-in recipes or your own.


The MeatStick is modular, meaning that you buy only what you need and you create the set up you want. You can add more probes or accessories later if you want to expand your MeatStick collection.


The MeatStick works as a beacon, no paring required, just turn the Bluetooth on and the probe will connect to your phone. You can monitor one single MeatStick on multiple devices.



The more the merrier! You can use up to 8 different MeatSticks on a single device, so you can cook several recipes at the same time, or check different parts of your meat. 


You want to navigate between your guests, your barbecue, the kids, the oven? Say no more, the Xtender increases the MeatStick range up to 100ft/30m indoors or 300ft/90m outdoors.


No necessary or complicated setups, just toggle the switch on the Xtender and can go away from your meats! The Xtender increases the range of 8 probes simultaneously.


You need to go further away? The WiFi Bridge connects easily to your home WiFi and then you can monitor your meats from anywhere within the range of your network.



Details about your cooks are clearly displayed on the 2-inch backlit LCD screen of the WiFi Bridge to actively see the temperatures of the meat without pulling out your phone.



You just realized you forgot some groceries and you need to run to the store? The WiFi Bridge connects to the MeatStick Cloud, so you can keep track on your phone from anywhere with internet.



You're out in the wild with no WiFi? No problem. You can still take your WiFi Bridge, as it can be used in Bluetooth Xtender mode to repeat the probe's signals to your app.

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