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The MeatStick VS. Meater

December 04, 2019 1 min read

The Meatstick Logo


Deep-fry, Sous-vide and dishwasher safe
(Only) Water/Splash resistant
Modular / Expandable System
Pieces not interchangeable / expandable
No Pairing Required
Pairing required
All phones / tablets nearby can see the temperature
Pairs and connects to only 1 phone
Probe comes in 4 different colors to be easily identifiable
Probe only comes in black
Probe last 24+ hours on a full charge
Probe last 24+ hours on a full charge
Ambient Max Temp: 300°C/572°F
Ambient Max Temp: 275°C/527°F

The MeatStick Xtender


Up to 300FT with signal repeater
Up to 165FT with signal repeater
Monitors up to 8 probes
Monitors only 1 probe
Uses 2 AA batteries - 50h+ of runtime.
Uses 1 AA battery - Unknown runtime

The MeatStick WiFi Bridge


2 inch Back-lit LCD screen
1 inch OLED screen
Micro-USB powered
Micro-USB powered + 4 AA batteries
External replaceable WiFi antenna
No external antenna
Monitors up to 8 probes
Monitors up to 4 probes
No WiFi? No problem. Can be used in signal repeater mode to repeat the probes' signals to your app
No WiFi? Can't be used with the app